April 3, 1929. “Main Street a la Cart.” The Burn Ballad Bungalow on G Street in Washington, D.C. | These are the wandering writers June and Farrar Burn and their sons North and South.

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today we harvested out honey from the hives in total we got 68 eight ounce jars and 30 one pound jars. And this is from 3 brand new colonies. we decided to do only one harvest to make sure the bees have enough to survive the winter, this is 110% organic raw honey, no sugar substitutes were fed to the bees at all. it tastes amazing i literally gorged myself on honey today, i am still really sticky…….. it was an all day process, our extractor actually broke during the end of harvesting because a gear stripped. i managed to be abel to fix it so we were abel to harvest 20 more pounds (i fixed it with a pebble actually because, by adding the pebble it moved the gear up far enough to catch on the areas that weren’t stripped)  i learned so much from today, i also managed not to get stung all season (i wasn’t really wearing full gear only a face vail) i hope to have a hive of my own someday….. that would be nice

now i have some really nice honey for witchy things, tea and offerings. i am most deff going to use this is some spells   


Looks amazing :)

Here it would be too early to get any honey out, especially since the year was awful with barely any sun. Hopefully my family actually gets to sell any bc I think, for now the bees didnt even make enough for us. 


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Archaeological Park - ‘The VI Ploughmen Village’ (Park Archeologiczny “Osada VI Oraczy”) in Bochnia, Poland, is a reconstructed fragment of a village settlement, typical for the mid-13th-century Małopolska (Lesser Poland) region. It was based on a historical village Ratajów, which presumable location was somewhere around the modern Bochnia city, first mentioned in 1234 when Kraków’s province governor (voivode - wojewoda) Teodor Gryfita granted the village to the Cistercian monks. Sources: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]

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w puszczy





こけ (by U3K-Y)

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