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Charming Tiny Cottage in the Forest- 360 Sq. Ft. For sale in Oregon.

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Coming Soon.. Handcrafted using simple tools and traditional skills, with a selection of locally foraged British hardwoods including; Elm, Oak, Maple and Walnut.
Each rack available, will be a one-off, a completely unique piece - pairing a slice of storm damaged tree with individual hand-carved wooden pegs.
There will only be one available and when it is gone, I will begin to make another.
Some racks will hold 4 spoons, some will hold 6 - 8.


Medieval Kitchen (by EvenShift///3)


Lavender by David Biesack

Lavender bundles in a market in L’Isle sur la Sorgue, France

bedroom? kitchen?

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sleeping cabin, tim prentice,

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